The sky is actually a deep state hologram

- written by infobattle

Have you ever looked up to the sky and wondered to yourself, "Why?"

We here at infobattle have. I mean, after all, God should be up there!
> editors note: shut up, liberals. There is only one "up" because the earth is flat as we have previously established.

The power elites don't want us to see god, because then we might start asking questions about obviously out of place things like storm drains being just the right size to drop your phone into, speed bumps ruining my joy rides, and nutritional labels falsely claiming twinkies are unhealthy.

This begs several questions, mainly "How?" and "Why?". Thankfully the infobattle community has been able to deduce both.

Brave explorers seeking the truth

North Korea launched a rocket successfully a while ago, the media says it exploded and failed to launch, but they're only half right. The truth is that it exploded because it hit the hologram ceiling - and specifically the sun.

This action left a crack in "the" "sun" that you can still see today if you stare at it long enough

Taking a step back even further - the biggest picture

Going off of our flat earth "little debbie swiss roll" concept, we can deduce that this fake sky is projected onto the underside of the earth, which is only visible because of the largest known planes walker in existence rolling up the entire earth to hide the truth.

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