What are Plane Walkers?

- written by infobattle

Have you ever been lying awake at night, hearing strange noises around your house? Has one of your jars of homemade mayonaise ever gone missing without a trace? Do your Kraft cheese singles keep somehow slipping out of your back pocket? Has a mysterious entity ever informed your sister that you're cheating on her with your cousin?

It's not just you, there are beings that exist in between reality and not reality which can pop out at any time, and cause mayhem without regard to normal physical barriers.

They are called, Plane Walkers.

These creatures always appear when you are not looking, and vanish right before you can quite get a good look at them, but we've commissioned tallented artists from the infobattle community to make several illustrations for us.

Illustration by wayhomme showing planewalkers emerging from shadows

These strange creatures were attracted to our dimension by the raw holographic power of the projection in the sky made by china that prevents us from seeing god, but they stay to steal our american kraft cheese slices - and prevent us from making mayonaise and kraft cheese sandwiches.

Illustration by Tape showing planewalkers emerging from a wormhole

The only known way to repel them are scents resembling that of rotten meat or simply smearing hydrogenated vegetable oil on yourself.

These plane walkers are also known to randomly pop vehichles and pedestrians into existence in front of speeding cars, causing collisions

Illustration by Tape showing planewalkers disrupting traffic
Illustration depicting plane walker choosing to interfere with lenny hawk
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