Plane Walkers are tutoring robbers of Los Santos

- written by Laden

This post is to alert people that truly love our city and our boys in blue, if you don't have knowledge about the planar walkers, make sure to read our other articles and forum posts about the subject.

When we thought our city was safe again, after the civil war, a new enemy appears, the colourful haired cnts with thick accent spread throughout the city, armed with knives, but they have a new ability in their arsenal, a portal like ability, probably thought by the plane walkers that live between dimensions, and sometimes get in contact with a few chosen people of our plane.

We will show you some recovered frames from local CCTV footage and bodycams

After a 78 minute chase by the LSPD, and an excellent jobbing in boxing the suspects car (surrounding all 4 sides of one vehicle), the suspect stayed in his car for 7 minutes talking on the phone giving precise information about his location and saying some words that we couldn't understand due heavy accent, after short altercation with the police, the suspect instantly teleported outside the perfect box of the LSPD and managed to escape to another vehicle


CCTV Footage


This other recovered footage from the now deceased Sergeant[redacted]* showcases the ability more up close, after one of our boys in blues approaches the fleeing suspect, pulls out his taser and order the suspect to put his hands down, after he kept teasing the police officer putting his finger and his thumb in the shape of an L in his forehead. The officer realising the suspect would not stand down, he decided to deploy his taser, but missed leaving him dumbfounded, as the suspect proceeded to escape on foot, while slowing down the footage and freeze framing on the perfect time we can see the deployment of a small portal to make the taser miss the suspect


Bodycam Footage

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