Is your dog is trying to kill you?

- written by infobattle
A cool dog drawing

Dogs have been a threat to humans for hundreds of years, they are biological murder machines molded to attack police officers who are investigating serious societal threats such as weed smells and 911 butt-dials

They also have in-depth knowledge of pop culture due to owners leaving the TV turned on while they at work, dogs are able to learn enhanced lure techniques in order to convince kids and even adults to approach within biting distance.

Another cool dog drawing

The entire situation is a classic case of modern "science" ignoring known variables puddle attack statistics bidenomics starbucks "pink drink" enjoyers are blind to the truth by choice.

kangaroo dog drawing

And always remember, it was man that was made in god's image, not dogs. "dog" spelled backwards is "god" and that was an intentional choice by the hologram engineers to confuse us further.

Liberal breeding programs are turning good, strong, American breeds into sterilized puppies <insert ai generated gif of a rottweiler transforming into a chihuahua>.

"Training" programs hosted around the nation are teaching dogs to attack American flags, recognize whiteness as hostility, and how to sniff out unvaxxinated people.

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