The "Irish": Advanced British Spies

- written by wayhomme

The Irish Spies Hero Image


There has been a frequent invasion from the British as they aim to reclaim the thirteen colonies (now 50) they lost in utter defeat. They have been sending in basic foot soldiers with their weapon of choice, the knife. Now what if I told you they are also sending advanced spies unbeknownst to most Americans.

These political spies are what some call the "Irish". They have deceived many on being of a different culture with some slight deviations from the British. One of which is their improvised creation known as "Guiness" which no sane American would enjoy. This would make you to believe it is an acquired taste of their culture when, in reality, it just dirt water.

How irish beer is made

Now how do you distinguish a British and an "Irish"? I've done some research and investigation work to find out so you don't have to. Always be suspicious of these "Irish" spies and do your due diligence to check their green cards.


The Irish Spies Infographic

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