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How to avoid Fluoride

Depending on who you ask, Fluoride is either a marvel of modern science, or the work of satan himself.

We here at know the truth, Fluoride was invented by Bill Gates to make it easier to microchip us with vaccines.

It all started back in 1955 when bill gates was "born" (was actually summoned from hell and is an 8000 year old demon), he immediately contacted the world government and had them start tampering with the worlds faucet supply by installing fluoride emitters inside of all faucets. Fluoride makes it possible for microchips

Toilets don't have fluoride

Don't trust faucets, toilets are your friend

In our scientific studies, we found that the porcelain throne has yet to be tampered with, making toilet water entirely free from any fluoride. We recommend emptying out water bottles and filling them with water straight from your toilet in order to avoid fluoride.

A lot of "people" have sent in complaints about or testing methodology, but trust us, we did the work. You can't trust modern fluoride tests, as the government has tampered with both testing kits and science articles on how to make your own. Our technique was as follows:

Our scientific method

  1. Since fluoride aids microchips, stick your phone in the sink for 24 hours
  2. Check to see if phone works, if it does, your sink has fluoride
  3. Stick your phone in toilet for 24 hours
  4. Check to see if phone works, if it doesn't, no fluoride!
Healthy adult drinking fluoride free water