Sandwich Maxing Interactive Guide

- written by tape


Check out the 3D sandwich simulator & builder here: Read the article below for more info.  

Sandwich filled with cosmic power

The networks as flushed with vegetarian, vegan, and liberal food guides that are all poisonous diets meant to make your mind more maliable by the deep state.

Today, we at infobattle are brave enough to tell you the truth, and give you the ultimate nutritional formula to improve your non-liberal life! And we'll do it using one of the only true patriotic foods: Sandwiches.


How it works

One of our members made a visit to ancient asian locales and brought back divine providences regarding balances between ingredients. As it turns out, it's less about any individual ingredient but more about the cosmic flow of freedom energy between ingredients. This system is complicated which is why we built the simulation at the end of this article.

  A cool sandwich design

Calories are a liberal lie

Just as the founding forefathers balanced the circulation of freedom by flowing it between guns and da people, gaining weight is caused by the lack of freedom flowing between ingredients. If your ingredients conduct this energy between themselves you can eat as much as you like with zero negative consequences. I've been eating 8000 calories a day and am perfectly healthy.


The Simulator

access the simulator at, pick your ingredients wisely and notice how the cosmic sandwich balances shift with each ingredient. Note that ingredients only interact with the ingredient above them, as freedom only flows up — much like a bald eagle.

An enlightened eater devouring a balanced sandwich

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